Patient Review By Daniel W

I couldn’t have been happier today. I had an 8:30 appointment for a tooth extraction and then bone graft. I was taken on time, Dr Gold and staff were very pleasant.. sat in the chair, everything around me was laid and looked super prepared and professional. Dr Gold numbed my gum at the site and injected the anesthetic ether side of the tooth and said this was the worst part, he asked me twice if I was OK during this to which I made a verbal uh-huh sound. It wasn't too bad either, but I guess people feel pain differently. He told me it would take a while and so left for maybe 5mins for the anesthetic to take hold. When he came back, he started on the tooth extraction... as he was doing what ever he eas doing, he described what i would feel.. “some pressure here”, I heard a crack and then a small tug and he said.. “tooth's out”.. He needed to clean the infection which took maybe 2 minutes of him seemingly scraping out stuff (i couldn't feel anything really - more his motion).. then he said he was doing the graft. He seemed to stitch my tooth socket a little (the thread tickled my nose an lips as he did this) then I think he injected the graft material... and then stiched some more. 20 mins is all it took and really a good experience. I had a filling replaced the other day and dare say that felt more invasive. Very happy.. Dr Gold explained aftercare and sent me on my way with some gauze in my teeth to stem whatever bleeding there was. An hour later I removed the gauze and so far everything is great. I am 3 hours later writing this review and the anesthetic is wearing off and Indont have that much pain at all. Feels like a slight headache and that might be me not eating yet. Very happy.. i have a checkup in 6 days. Highly recommend based on my experience .

- Daniel W

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